Use Case: Appointment Reminders

Whether you are a dentist, a talent recruiter or a soccer coach, there is always the risk that people don’t show up according to plans. It can be very costly and irritating to deal with no-shows. A common reason for this problem is failure in communication. The attendees need to be informed and reminded several times, in order to reduce the risk.

Egill reduced no-show rate with 80 %

Egill Vignisson is a busy man living in Reykjavik, Iceland. Amongst several services, he manages a business for tailored suits. When a travelling tailor is in town it is very critical that his clients come on time to the fittings. The normal case for Egill is that 8 out of 100 clients don’t show up to these scheduled meetings. Thanks to sending personal reminders via SMS, Egill has successfully reduced the no-show rate to 1%. This is an improvement by over 80 %!

How it’s done!

Egill scheduled the meetings in Google Sheets alongside with the clients’ name and contact information. To make the SMS reminders personal he inserted the clients’ unique details  into every message using custom fields. Read more about custom messages in this tutorial. The screenshot below shows an example of how to schedule appointments and send reminders, by using Google Sheets and the Cloudcom add-on.

Appointment Send Dialog


Reminders with a personal and informative message have proven to be useful for Egill’s businesses. People tend to read and remember SMS addressed to them at a much higher rate. Therefore this is an efficient technique to make people show up when appointed.