Use Case: Property Manager

Property managers are constantly on the run and need to handle multiple conversations with different people ranging from prospects to owners to clients, all at once. Cloudcom helps property managers getting stuff done quicker, by easily communicating at scale via SMS.


Let’s take an example. An apartment is vacant on East Street and it needs to be rented out quickly. In Google Sheets the prospects that have shown interest for this apartment are filtered out. With Cloudcom the property manager can send a personal SMS to these targets and invite them to view the apartment. The video clip below will walk you through the example just described.


Why SMS?

Reminding people with SMS is in general perceived as less intrusive than phone calls. The recipient will get some personal time to think things through and then act. In the long run we encourage a verbal dialog, but SMS is a good way for property managers to initiate conversations, qualify leads and catch interest.